Interview: Polari Mission’s Jez Dolan for Corridor8

Artists Jez Dolan and Joe Richardson are on a mission to save Polari – a little known, high camp and now sadly endangered gay language. An exhibition currently on at The John Rylands Library is only the start of a wide-ranging and  multi-disciplinary project that promises further exhibitions, performance, visual artwork and audience participation. On a wet Sunday afternoon I threw on my fortuni lally drags for a guided troll around these very queer (and slightly risqué) archives and a screeve with Polari Mission. Fantabulosa (as they say)!

Check out the rest of my interview on Corridor 8: Interview: Polari Mission’s Jez Dolan : Corridor8.

One Comment on “Interview: Polari Mission’s Jez Dolan for Corridor8”

  1. Jez Dolan says:

    Hi Andy,

    this looks great! Thanks for featuring us.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Best wishes

    Jez Dolan

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