Review: The Manchester Contemporary 2012 | Corridor8 —

Review: The Manchester Contemporary 2012 | Corridor8 —.

Interview: Polari Mission’s Jez Dolan for Corridor8

Artists Jez Dolan and Joe Richardson are on a mission to save Polari – a little known, high camp and now sadly endangered gay language. An exhibition currently on at The John Rylands Library is only the start of a wide-ranging and  multi-disciplinary project that promises further exhibitions, performance, visual artwork and audience participation. On a wet Sunday afternoon I threw on my fortuni lally drags for a guided troll around these very queer (and slightly risqué) archives and a screeve with Polari Mission. Fantabulosa (as they say)!

Check out the rest of my interview on Corridor 8: Interview: Polari Mission’s Jez Dolan : Corridor8.

Studio View: Karen Tam

“I can basically work in any space that I find myself in. I adapt my work to the space.”

Karen Tam |

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Claire’s Feminine Problem

Grayson Perry in his Walthamstow studio. From the book, Sanctuary (2012).

Grayson Perry is a wonderful artist. I love his pots and, mostly, I enjoy his musings on what it means to be an artist (see here, for example). However, as my friend VJ Horne pointed out to me, his idea of what goes on, or who gets to work in a studio is straight out of the 1950s.

When I was at college, we all had our little chipboard cubicles we worked in. Someone came up and went, “Oooh, you’ve got a meaty space!” And I thought, yeah, I do like to have a busy space. I like the feeling that it’s got a density of creativity going on […] Claire never goes to the studio. Making pottery is a dirty business. You don’t go the studio in a nice dress. It’s where you get on with stuff and make a mess and collapse in an armchair and listen to The Archers.

Claire is, of course, Perry’s alter-ego. Depressingly, Claire’s femininity Perry feels, is a bar to her “mastery” of the studio. How I wish Perry had the nerve to allow Claire to get her petticoats mucky. Gladly, since (at least) the sixties this kind of sexist nonsense has fallen by the wayside. If this case is anything to go by, it seems the only kind of girl nowadays who thinks the studio is a “man’s world” is one with a penis.

Don’t listen to Grayson, Claire. Try it, you might like it.

Impossible Floorboards

IMAGE: Andreas Gefeller, Untitled (Academy of Arts, R 220), 2009. C-Print, Dibond, UV-protection. 180 x 139 cm

A friend [@Becky2680] recently alerted me to the photographs of German artist Andreas Gefeller. His wonderful (and impossible) ariel views of real-world interior spaces seem to peel back the ceilings of the rooms he takes pictures of. In this violent miniaturisation, turning the buildings he surveys into doll-houses (and their spectators into giants), Gefeller’s photo-stitched photographs purport to allow us to take in the whole room. Spread out mathematically in space, the room is laid bare for all to see.

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Studio View: Matthew Bamber

“Where the magic happens.”

Matthew Bamber’s [@mlbamber] studio is at Rogue Studios in Manchester.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)

As part of my plan to watch, in the next few months, every (!) movie set in the artist’s studio, last night I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003; Dir. Peter Webber). Although this film did well at the box-office when it was first released, not being a fan of the romantic genre, it didn’t really appeal to me. However, since undertaking my present research into the studio-picture genre in painting and photography, it has a sudden relevance.

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